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A Message From Ed Fiandach:

If you're visiting our site, chances are you have been charged with an alcohol related operating offense, most likely DWI.  Although we have not met, there are several things I already know about you.  First of all, you are scared about a process that you probably have not seen before.  Second, although this may not be the first time you operated a motor vehicle under the influence, you had a life-long belief that this would never happen to you.  Third, you are concerned about the role of alcohol in your life as well as the affect a criminal conviction could have upon your job, your family and your home.   Fourth, you're ashamed of how others will perceive you after last night, and may even have come around to saying that you will never drink again.

These are things I know.  I know these things because I care.  Since 1978, I have assisted thousands of persons just like you.  Beginning with my first client in the Irondequoit Town Court, to the trial I won just yesterday in the Town of Chili, I have devoted myself not only to assisting you through the criminal process, but also the intense emotional and social issues you find yourself uncontrollably caught up in.

I know you're in a hurry, but let me make your visit to our website worthwhile by going over a few things.

Despite what you think, you are not a bad person.   You simply made a mistake.  You are not the first person to make this mistake and most certainly not the last.  As I wrote in an article in the Rochester, New York Democrat & Chronicle in the early nineties, you are a victim of society's  dualistic attitude concerning alcohol.  You grew up in a world that, on the one hand, firmly told you not to drink and drive, while the other hand coaxed and enticed you with promises of good times and social success if you drank.   While no one ever told you it was OK to drink and drive, “the powers that be somehow failed to contemplate how you would get to all those good times if you chose to drink.

Drinking and driving has nothing to do with social status, income, religion or race.   Over the past twenty-six years I've represented men and women who were rich and poor, black, yellow and white.  They have been Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Atheists.  They have been both white collar and blue collar.  They have been factory workers, doctors, nurses, airline and professional pilots, physician's assistants, lawyers, judges, professional musicians, professional athletes, priests, ministers, military personnel, politicians, police chiefs, fireman, bus drivers, commercial drivers, CEO's, teachers, college administrators, professors, models, actors and actresses.  You are not alone.  In short, what happened last night statistically placed you in one of the most diverse pools known to the criminal justice system.

Unfortunately, you need to hire a lawyer.  You need a lawyer who will treat you with the compassion and understanding you deserve.  And not just any lawyer, you need one who really knows what he or she is doing.  The past fifteen years have seen more legislation and judicial decisions affecting the way these cases are brought and defended than any other single area of our legal system.  Everything from licensing to jail has been affected.  I know, because I have been involved in many of the most crucial decisions. 

Fiandach & Fiandach began when my father, the late Samuel Fiandach, a former judge, hung out his shingle in 1950.  He was the only lawyer I ever worked for.  His legal values are the only I have ever known.  He filled me with a burning desire to represent every client with the passion he or she would use for themselves if they were able.  He taught me the value of respect and human dignity.  In short, he taught me the Golden Rule of law; treat others as we wish to be treated.

Because of these values, over the past half century our firm has grown.  My Dad and his one man law office in the Wilder Building are gone; but his values are with us still.  Fiandach & Fiandach is now located in the Brighton-Pittsford area and consists of six lawyers and three paralegals.  Our week consists of team meetings and strategy sessions to ensure that each client is represented as if by Sam himself.  We really know our stuff and are justifiably proud of the fact that we do the very best DWI work that you will ever find.

Welcome. Please feel free to browse our site. Look at the Q & A's, our results, my credentials, testimonials and some selected published articles. Then give us a call. We're here to help you.

— Ed Fiandach
December 12, 2003

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“The clients of EDWARD FIANDACH of Brighton, one of the best known DWI defense lawyers in New York, were convicted of the top count only 13 percent of the time.”

- Reprinted from the
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