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Since he first began trying DWI cases in 1979, Edward L. Fiandach was driven by a vision. Aware of the increasing complexity in alcohol related operating offenses, he wanted to bring to every DWI defense a concept normally found only in the most expensive high profile cases, the Defense Team. A Defense Team is generally composed of 3 to 5 lawyers who simultaneously work on the same case. On a Defense Team, the lawyers are highly qualified and diverse in their backgrounds so as to bring the greatest number of ideas to the formulation of the defense. Those who regularly follow criminal trials on networks such as CNN or Court TV are aware of the tremendous advantages this high-power approach has produced in cases involving high-profile defendants.

At Fiandach & Fiandach, Mr. Fiandach's dream of bringing this obviously effective technique to all DWI cases has come true. When you retain Fiandach & Fiandach to represent you for a charge of Driving While Intoxicated, a five lawyer Team headed by nationally recognized expert and Board Certified DWI specialist Edward Fiandach immediately comes to your defense. Indeed, many clients, whose cases have been accepted by the firm, will often see this concept at work as early as the initial interview as Team members are called into play to give their insight.

As a case works its way through the court system, our Team will continuously focus on your case. Frequent Team meetings will be held to examine strategy and results as the latest legal and scientific developments are put into play. In addition to our five attorney staff, three Paralegals, including a former Court Clerk, play an important role. One may be assigned to assist our attorney staff in licensing issues, another will perform background research to assist in possible plea bargaining while another will assist the attorneys in the preparation of legal documents.

We will thoroughly research the performance history of the machine upon which your breath was tested and may even attempt to replicate your BrAC (breath alcohol content) on our DataMaster to determine the role mouth alcohol may have played.

Through the course of constant discussion and research, our Team will isolate the various defenses that exist in your case. Your case will then be placed for a full office review to determine the strategy that we will undertake. We will then assign Team members to prepare for the various court and administrative appearances.

While some small, inexperienced and understaffed firms try, as they must, to make you believe that multiple attorneys are somehow bad for your defense, nothing could be further from the truth. Take pre-trial hearings for example. If the same lawyer that does the hearing does the trial, the District Attorney will simply order a copy of the hearing transcript and give it to the witnesses to read before trial. When the same lawyer does the trial, the pre-trial hearings turn out to be a fantastic dress rehearsal for the prosecution. By having one Team member do the hearing and another, such as Mr. Fiandach do the trial, the DA and the police are always caught off guard. Long a technique available only to the wealthiest clients, at Fiandach & Fiandach every client can receive this tremendous advantage.

Remember who cross-examined crucial police witness Mark Furman at O.J. Simpson's trial? Not Johnnie Cochran, it was F. Lee. Bailey. Recall who cross-examined the critical DNA witnesses? Again, it wasn't Cochran, it was Barry Scheck.

Is the Team approach better? Consider this. Regardless of what one-man firms may tell you, to meet the same fixed expenses as larger firms such as rent, secretarial expenses, insurance, advertising, computer research and the like, these small firms must take every case that comes through the door. The end result is that they cannot possibly make all appearances, prepare all the pleadings and properly prepare and try all their cases while giving each case the time and attention it deserves. Further, District Attorneys quickly learn who has the time to properly try all their cases. Fiandach & Fiandach is one of the nations largest and most experienced DWI defense firms. We have the brains, the time, the talent and the manpower to treat you like you're our only client.

Naturally a Team is only as good as its members and Fiandach & Fiandach presents the most experienced DWI law firm in New York. Starting with the Assistant Dean of the ABA recognized National College for DWI Defense, Board Certified Edward L. Fiandach and continuing with Timothy C. Rath, James E. Walsh, Jr. and Terence McCarty, Fiandach & Fiandach brings more than sixty years of trial experience to the table.

Does the Team approach work? Look at our results. See the number of dismissals in high BAC (blood alcohol content) cases and you tell us.

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“The clients of EDWARD FIANDACH of Brighton, one of the best known DWI defense lawyers in New York, were convicted of the top count only 13 percent of the time.”

- Reprinted from the
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